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A Comparative Study on the Job Stress, Burnout and Nursing Performance of Nurses in Comprehensive Nursing Care Service Wards and Nurses in General Wards
Youn Sil Kim, Jung Ae Park, Eun Koung Seo
Received November 1, 2018; Accepted February 11, 2019.
A Systematic Review of the Suicide Prevention Program for the Elderly
Taekyun Gwon, Heeseung Choi
Received January 25, 2019; Accepted February 11, 2019.
Effects of Changing Items in Intelligence Test on Distribution of Norm Group and Computation of Standardized Score: Focused on Digit Symbol in K-WAIS and Coding in K-WAIS-IV
Seung-Min Oh, Sung-Won Choi
Received January 14, 2019; Accepted February 15, 2019.