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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Summary of intervention program studies to prevent suicide of elderly

No.AuthorsStudy designSubjects (N) SubjectsProgram format Measurement toolOutcome variables (significant)

Program nameSessionProgram durationMeasurement periodSuicide prevention intervention focusIntervention method

Exp. (N)Cont (N)Reduction of risk factorsEnhencement of protective factorsLecture (Knowledge)ActivityCounselling
<Activity program>
 1Oh et al. (2017)Non-equivalence control Pre-post design2022Early rural women aged 65 or older who use the town hallTraditional Play Program12Twice a week 50 MinImmediately 1 timeOXXOX#Geriatric Depression Scale Short Form-Korea Version (GDSSF-K)#The Sense of Belonging#Suicide Ideation Scale (SIS)Depression*The sense of belonging*Suicidal Ideation
 2Lee (2011)Non-equivalence control Pre-post design99An early person who was referred to the elderly protection agency as a suicide risk groupGroup Art Therapy Program12Twice a week 90 MinImmediately 1 timeOXXOX#Beck’s Hopelessness Scale (BHS)Hopelessness*
<Program that use community support systems>
 3Kim JP et al. (2017)Non-equivalence control Pre-post design3131early-stage dementiaCommunity-based program10Twice a week 90 Min2 times (1 time at the end of the program, 1 time after 2 weeks)OOOOX#Mini-Mental State Exam portion of the Korean version of Consortium to Establish a Resistry for Alzheimer’s inventory (MMSE-KC)#Suicidal Ideation Scale (SIS)#Perceived health status#Activities of daily living#Social support#Geriatric Depression Scale Short Form-Korean version (GDSSF-K)Health status*social support*Activities of daily living depression*Suicidal ideation*
 4Lim et al. (2012)Non-equivalence control Pre-post design2424Elderly people using the elderly general welfare center or near the welfare center.Elderly Life Respect ProgramMore than 10Once a week 50 MinImmediately 1 timeOOXXO#Geriatric Depression Scale Short Form-Korean version (GDSSF-K)#Suicide Ideation Scale (SIS) Harlow·Newcomb·Bentler)#Psychological Well-Being (Ruff’s designed) #Inventory of Family RelationDepression*Suicidal ideation*Psychological Well-Being –Environmental dominance*Family Realtion*
 5Jo et al. (2008)Non-equivalence control Pre-post design2019Elderly people 65 years old or older who entered the elderly care facilityMultidimensional Suicide Prevention Program8Twice a week 60 MinImmediately 1 timeOOOOX#Hopelessness depression scale#Scale for Suicidal Ideation (SSI)#Life satisfactionDepression*Suicidal ideation*Life satisfaction*
<Programs that use counseling theory>
 6Kim et al. (2009)Non-equivalence control Pre-post design99Elderly people who are 65 years old or older and use the facilityElderly depression and suicide prevention group counseling program10Twice a week 90~120 Min1 time immediately after intervention, 1 time after 3 months of interventionOXXOO#Geriatric Depression Scale Short Form-Korean version (GDSSF-K)#Suicide Ideation Scale (SIS)Depression*Suicidal ideation*
 7Kim (2013)Non-equivalence control Pre-post design1010Elderly people who are receiving more than 70 seniors receiving basic welfare facilities using the elderly welfare facility centerSuicide Prevention Transactional Analysis Counseling Program15Twice a week 90 MinImmediately 1 timeOXOXO#Beck Hopelessness Scale (BHS)#Templer’s Death Anxiety Scale)Depression*Anxiety *
<Other programs>
 8Jo (2007)Non-equivalence control Pre-post design1920Elderly women aged 65 older who entered the geriatric nursing homeIn Program with Nurses8Twice a week 30 MinImmediately 1 timeOXXXO#Death Depression Scale (DDS)#Positive And Negative Suicide Ideation Inventory (PANSI)#Life satisfaction#Cortisol, Saliva #IgA, Saliva #Peripheral skin temperatureDepression Suicidal ideation*Life satisfaction *Cortisol*IgA Peripheral skin temperature


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