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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Results of the quality assessment of the studies (N=8)

Authors (year)
Oh et al.(2017)22220012122218/24C
Kim JP et al.(2017)22221212122221/24B
Lim et al.(2012)22220010122216/24C
Jo et al.(2008)22220012122218/24C
Kim et al.(2009)22220220122219/24C

1.1: Clearly stated aim, 1.2: Inclusion of consecutive patients, 1.3: Prospective data collection, 1.4: Endpoints appropriate to study aim, 1.5: Unbiased assessment of study endpoint, 1.6: Follow-up period appropriate to study aim, 1.7: <5.0% lost to follow-up, 1.8: Prospective calculation of study size, 1.9: Adequate control group, 1.10: Contemporary groups, 1.11: Baseline equivalence of groups, 1.12: Adequate statistical analyses, Grade A: 24, low risk of bias, Grade B: 21~23, low or high risk of bias according to number of events, Grade C: ≤20, high risk of bias.

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