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Stress 2021;29:1-67
Original Articles
Relationship between Complex Trauma Experience in Childhood-Adolescence and Interpersonal Trauma in Adulthood: Mediating Effects of Dissociation Experience, Relationship Addiction, and Internalized Shame
Yumi Oh , Min Kyu Rhee
Stress 2021;29:1-10
Distractive Emotion Regulation: The Construct and Its Measurement
Dohyeon Kim , Hae Youn Choi
Stress 2021;29:11-20
The Effect of Perceived Stress, Fine Dust Risk Perception, and Resilience on Stress Response in Patients with Respiratory and Circulatory Disorders
Jin-Hee Park , Kuem-Sun Han
Stress 2021;29:21-27
Relationship between Recovery Orientation of Mental Health Promotion Facilities and Mental Health Recovery in Persons with Mental Illness: Mediating Effect of Recovery Promotion Relationship Competence of Provider
Eun Ju Bong , Myung Hee Park
Stress 2021;29:28-36
Influences of Workplace Violence on Depression among Nurses: The Mediating Effect of Social Support
Eun-Mi Seol , Soohyun Nam
Stress 2021;29:37-44
The Role of Trauma in Addiction and Recovery: A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis
Jandi Kim , Misook Kim , Youjin Shin , Byunghee Kim , Sungjae Kim
Stress 2021;29:45-59
A Study on Attitude toward Suicide, Suicidal Ideation, Suicidal Behaviors in People with Mental Disorders in Community
Keun Young Park , Ji Young Kim
Stress 2021;29:60-67
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Role Conflict and Conflict Management Styles of Hospital Nurses
Younebook Lee, Hyeakyung Lee
Received August 18, 2015; Accepted September 25, 2015.
Sport Psychology is
Chung Hee Chung
Self-esteem and Positive Psychology
Kyeong-Sook Choi