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Korean J Stress Res 2019;27:209-86
Original Articles
Burnout, Depression, Suicide Idea, Anxiety, ADHD, and Impulsiveness, Self-Esteem, and Quality of Life with Social Workers
Youn Kim , Ji Hee Wee , Nam Hee Kim , Myung Ho Lim
Korean J Stress Res 2019;27:209-214
The Effect of Emotional Labor, Job Stress and Social Support on Nurses’ Job Satisfaction
Seung Young Lee , Duck Ho Kim
Korean J Stress Res 2019;27:215-223
The Influence of Lateral Violence on Burnout and Empathy with Patients among Nurses: The Moderating Effect of Communication
Soohyun Nam , Boyoung Hwang
Korean J Stress Res 2019;27:224-231
Risk Factors Influencing Frequency of Suicidal Ideation in Korean Middle School Students: Applying Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Regression Model
KyungIm Kang , Chanhee Kim , Jaewon Joung
Korean J Stress Res 2019;27:232-239
Development and Evaluation of a Self-Empowerment Intervention Program for Inpatient at High Risk of Suicide
Hee-Yeon Kim , Kuem-Sun Han
Korean J Stress Res 2019;27:240-250
The Moderating Effects of Ego-Resilience and Relationship with Colleague Teachers on the Association between the Effects of Technostress and Teaching Efficacy of Early Childhood Teachers
Jiyoung Lee , Sungwon Kim
Korean J Stress Res 2019;27:251-258
The Psychiatric Comorbidity in Disaster Victims with PTSD: Comorbidity Rates, Severity of Psychological Disorders and Factors Predicting Comorbidities
Kyungok Sim
Korean J Stress Res 2019;27:259-267
The Effect of Work-Life Balance on Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention of Hospital Nurses: Compared to Female Wage Workers
Dong Min Son , Young-Il Jung
Korean J Stress Res 2019;27:268-276
Stress and Coping of Recovering Alcoholics in Communities
Jaewon Joung , KyungIm Kang
Korean J Stress Res 2019;27:277-286
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