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Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:77-122
Original Articles
Development of the Clinical Short-Form Positive Resources Test
Hyu Jung Huh , Sun-Young Kim , Jung-A Min , and Jeong-Ho Chae
Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:77-87
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Stress Relief and Related Factors in Camp Program for Firefighters
Jungha Shin , Minyoung Sim , Junghyun H. Lee , Da Young Lee , Kyoungsun Jeon , Seunga Oh , Jiae Kim , Okjoo Kim , Jungil Yang , and Heebong Lee
Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:88-94
The Effect of Hospice Service Experience on Life and Death Attitudes
Minhee Jang , and Taeyun Jung
Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:95-102
Development and Validation of the Korean Dysfunctional Depression Scale
Jong Nam Kim , Soonmook Lee , Seungwon Choi , Jungmin Chae , Dong Gi Seo , Heon Jeong Lee , and Eun Soo Won
Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:103-114
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Influence of Religious & Existential Spirituality on Death Anxiety and Moderating Effect of Sex Differences
Heung Pyo Lee
Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:115-122
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