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Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:1-75
Original Articles
The Effect of Emotional Labor, Social Support and Anger Expression on Nurses’ Organizational Commitment
Ji Eun Kim , Sung Hee Shin , and Suk Jeong Ko
Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:1-6
The Validation Study of the Hypomanic Personality Scale for Use in Korea
Jinkyung Oh , Heyeon Park , Chad Ebesutani, and Sungwon Choi
Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:7-17
A Study on the Influencing Factors on the Preparation for Retirement and Retirement Stress of the Nurses
Kyung Hee Kim , Joo Hyun Kim , Dong Sook Lee , Sung Ja Yoon , Kyoung Shil Jang , and Sun Ki Lee
Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:18-24
Influences of Cognitive Emotion Regulation and Social Support on Social Anxiety amongNursing Students
Ok-Hee Cho , and Young-Hee Kim
Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:25-31
The Relationship between Post-Traumatic Growth, Trauma Experience and Cognitive Emotion Regulation in Nurses
Sook Lee , Mun Gyeong Gwon , and YeonJung Kim
Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:31-37
The Study of Preceptor Nurses’ Occupational Stress and Burden
Joohee Han , and Eun Kwang Yoo
Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:38-45
Mediating Effect of Stress Coping in the Relationship between Technostress and Teacher Efficacy of Early Childhood Teachers
Ji Young Lee
Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:46-51
The Effect of Stress Vulnerability on Stress Level
Gyoungmook Park , and Eunyoung Park
Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:52-59
Effects of Emotional Development Therapy (EDT) on Stress, Fatigue, Sleep, and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in Nurses
Mi-Young Jeong , and Nam-Sook Seo
Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:60-67
Pathways to Collective Emotions: Proximity, Media Exposure, Initial Reactions and Appraisal following the Sewol Ferry Disaster
Young Ae Kim , Bu Jong Kim , and Yun Kyeung Choi
Korean J Stress Res 2018;26:68-75
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