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Korean J Stress Res 2017;25:213-325
Review Article
Understanding and Treatment of Somatic Symptom Disorder -According to Diagnostic Criteria from DSM-V-
Eurah Goh
Korean J Stress Res 2017;25:213-219
Original Articles
Factors Affecting Burnout among Coast Guard of West Regional Headquarters in Korea
Eun Jung Yeom , and Sunhee Cho
Korean J Stress Res 2017;25:220-226
The Role of Mindfulness in the Relationship between Borderline Personality Trait and Psychological Distress
Hyejeen Lee
Korean J Stress Res 2017;25:227-232
A Moderating Effect of Adaptive Cognitive Emotion Regulation on the Relationship between Internalized Shame and Adaption to College of Chinese International Students
Hae-kyung Koo, Yun-Kyung Cho, Hee-Joong Kim, Myoung-Ho Hyun , and Xinyu Gu
Korean J Stress Res 2017;25:233-238
Effects of Aromatherapy Footbath on Stress and Autonomic Nervous System Activity
Ju-mi Ahn , and Myung-Haeng Hur
Korean J Stress Res 2017;25:239-245
The Relationship between Evaluative Concerns Perfectionism, and Speech Anxiety in College Students: The Serial Multiple Mediation Effects of Internalized Shame and Intolerance of Uncertainty
Hye-Ryeong Park , and Jong-Sun Lee
Korean J Stress Res 2017;25:246-254
The Impact of Sleep Disorder and Job Stress on Turnover Intention of Shift-Working Nurses
Eun Ok Yang , In Ryung Choi , and Seong-Min Kim
Korean J Stress Res 2017;25:255-264
Influence of University Students’ Stress on Drinking Problem: Mediating Effect of Alcohol Expectancy and Moderating Effect of Stress Coping
Eunyoung Park
Korean J Stress Res 2017;25:265-271
A Bifactor Approach to the Factor Structure Study of the CES-D Scale
Jaeeun Shin , Taehun Lee , and So Jin Yun
Korean J Stress Res 2017;25:272-278
The Mediating Effects of Multidimensional Experiential Avoidance on the Relationship between Stress and Internet/Smartphone Addiction in Adolescents
Hyejeen Lee
Korean J Stress Res 2017;25:279-285
The Mediating Effect of Perceived Stress in the Relationships among Mindfulness, Self-compassion, and Maternal-fetal Attachment
Jeong Mun Heo , Min Jeong Kim , and Wan Suk Gim
Korean J Stress Res 2017;25:286-293
Difference of Menstrual Problems according to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among North Korean Woman Defectors in South Korea
HeeSook Kim , and HyunKyoung Kim
Korean J Stress Res 2017;25:294-298
The Effect of Stress on the Subjective Discomfort and Skin Conductance Level in Adults with ADHD Tendency
Suim Yang , and Yongmae Baek
Korean J Stress Res 2017;25:299-305
Factors Influencing College Students’ Gambling and Drinking Problem
Seung Hee Yang
Korean J Stress Res 2017;25:306-316
The Effects of the Motivation Management Program on Stress Response, Self-Efficacy and Subjective Well-Being among Female University Students with Academic and Career Stress
Ji-Hye Jang , Jung-Ho Kim , and Mirihae Kim
Korean J Stress Res 2017;25:317-325
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