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Stress 2018;26:123-257
Original Articles
The Role of Attentional Bias and Event-Related Ruminations in Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and Posttraumatic Growth
Hae Lim Noh , KyungHun Han , Eun-Jung Shim
Stress 2018;26:123-132
Gender Differences in Type D Personality and Mental Health among Korean College Entrants
Sunhee Cho , Gyeong-Suk Jeon
Stress 2018;26:133-139
Validation Study of the Korean Self Rated Abilities for Health Practices: Health Self-Efficacy Measure (K-SRAHP)
Jungeun Lee , Hyun-gi Hong , Jisun Park
Stress 2018;26:140-148
Experience of Adaptation to School Life in South Korea of North Korean Defector Youths: Based on Focus Group Research Method
Young Suk Park
Stress 2018;26:149-158
The Mediating Effect of Cognitive Flexibility in the Relationship between Emotional Clarity and Emotion Regulation: Comparison of Self-Reported and Task Measurement of Cognitive Flexibility
Soomin Kim , Myoung-Ho Hyun
Stress 2018;26:159-165
The Effects of Emotional Labor on Job Satisfaction of Hotel Employees: Analyzing Moderating Effects of Emotional Intelligence
Kwang-Hi Park
Stress 2018;26:166-172
Development of Submodules of the Korean Dysfunctional Depression Scale: A Preliminary Study
Jong Nam Kim , Seungwon Choi , Sunho Jung , Heon Jeong Lee , Chul-Hyun Cho , Saebom Park , Da Eun Kim
Stress 2018;26:173-185
Effects of Coping Strategies on Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms among General Population
Youji Jung , Sori Kim , Subin Park , Jung Hyun Lee
Stress 2018;26:186-192
Exploring the Posttraumatic Growth in Korean Children and Adolescents Using the Korean Version of Posttraumatic Growth Inventory for Children-Revised
Gyurim Kang , Hyojeong Na , Jay Song , Myoung-Ho Hyun
Stress 2018;26:193-200
The Relationship between Negative Affect-Intensity and Depression: Moderated Mediating Effect of Self-Compassion through Non-Mentalization
Yong Hee Kim
Stress 2018;26:201-207
The Effect of Teacher Mindfulness on Job Stress and Burnout
Eunjin Kim
Stress 2018;26:208-214
The Mediating Effects of Food Craving on the Relationship between Stress and Obesity in Elderly
Ju Yeun Kim
Stress 2018;26:215-222
A Study on Stressors of Initiation and Repetition of Serious Juvenile Delinquency
Joon Beom Kim , Ha Yeon Park
Stress 2018;26:223-230
Effects of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on Pain, Pain Interference, and Life Satisfaction for the Elderly People with Chronic Pain
Jaesook Shin , Bong-keon Lee
Stress 2018;26:231-242
The Mediating Effect of Mindfulness in the Relationship between Self-Esteem and Burnout among Clinical Nurses
Hanju Bea , Heekyung Chang , Young Eun
Stress 2018;26:243-249
Effect of Uncertainty and Resilience on Stress for Cancer Patients
Unjong Choi , Young Sim Kim , Ji Sook Kang
Stress 2018;26:250-256
Correction to: A Bifactor Approach to the Factor Structure Study of the CES-D Scale
Jaeeun Shin, Taehun Lee, So Jin Yun
Stress 2018;26:257-257
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