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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Male friendliness in nursing program, major satisfaction and gender-role stereotype (N=193)

Variables Mean±SD
IMFNPa) total 2.94±0.35
4.There were times in class when female nursing faculty made disparaging remarks against men 3.90±1.08
14.My gender was a barrier in developing collegial relationships with some of my instructors 3.83±1.05
1.Most of my female nursing instructors referred to the nurse exclusively as “she” 3.66±0.93
13.In my nursing program, male and female students were treated more differently by the instructors than I had originally anticipated 3.53±1.03
8.Many believe that men and women have different communication styles. My nursing program discussed how to overcome communication differences to ensure good therapeutic and working relationships 3.18±0.93
6.I was provided opportunities to work with male RN’s in my clinical rotations 3.09±1.16
15.As a male student, I felt welcomed by most RN staff in my clinical rotations 2.96±0.87
5.My nursing program included content on men’s health issues 2.85±1.03
10.My nursing program encouraged me to strive for leadership roles 2.84±0.91
16.As a male student, I was nervous that a woman might accuse me of sexual inappropriateness when I touch her body 2.82±1.11
3.My nursing program actively recruited men to enroll as students 2.63±0.85
7.During the obstetrics (mother/baby) rotation, there were different requirements or limitations placed on male compared to my female classmates 2.61±1.01
17.My nursing program prepared me well to work with primarily female co-workers 2.59±0.87
12.I felt I had to prove myself more than my female classmates in nursing school because people expect nurses to be female 2.51±0.98
9.I was invited to participate in all student activities 2.23±0.94
11.People most important to me were supportive of my decision to enroll in nursing school 2.06±0.95
Major satisfaction total 3.72±0.81
General satisfaction 3.69±0.84
Social perception satisfaction 3.88±0.91
Curriculum satisfaction 3.52±0.83
Teacher-student relationship satisfaction 3.68±0.93
Gender-role stereotype 2.58±0.53

a)IMFNP: The Inventory of Male Friendliness in Nursing Programs, 16 items. Cronbach’s α=.62.

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