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Fig. 1.

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Fig. 1.

Comparison of Turnover Intention by Work-life Balance between the Female Wage Workers and Hospital Nurses*. *1: Working is rewarding and provides vitality to my life, 2: I am more appreciated by my family by working, 3: Working increases satisfaction with family life, 4: Working has a positive effect on my children, 5: Long working hours interferes with my family life, 6: Irregular working hours interferes with my family life, 7: I work harder due to my responsibility to support my family, 8: I work harder because my family appreciates my work, 9: I often face difficulty of balancing work due to child rearing burdens, 10: I often face difficulty at work due to heavy housework burdens, 11: I have considered quitting my job due to caregiving duties the family, WLB: Work- Life Balance.

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