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Table. 3.

Table. 3.

Self-control, depression, eating attitude according to weight control behavior

Model 1Model 2

F (p)postF (p)post
Self-control9.441 (<0.001)a•c>b•d7.086 (0.001)a•c>b
Depression6.916 (<0.001)b>a•c d>a5.876 (0.001)b>a•c
Eating attitude3.466 (0.016)b>c2.822 (0.039)b>c

a. Regular exercise, b. Fast or meal skip, c. Reducing of meal, d. The others. *Model 1: simple model. *Model 2: control variable (age, grade, academic achievement, major satisfaction, college life satisfaction, religion, cohabitation with parents, and economic status).

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