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Table. 2.

Table. 2.

Factor analysis results

NoFator loadingCommunality

Factor 1. sensitivity to others evaluations (6 items, α=.77)
19 I am sensitive about how people will see me at a meetings..87.72
14 I am sensitive to people having a favorable impression of me at meetings..80.59
38 I am sensitive to people’s evaluation of me..73.59
52 I am concerned about what other people think about me..70.56
15 I am sensitive to about my reputation at meetings..63.57
25 I am worried about my relationship with other people..58.46
Factor 2. Intimate relationship tendency (6 items, α=.82)
50 I am happy when I am with people..78.60
22 I am pleased when I am with people..76.60
36 I prefer doing something together to being alone..70.50
26 I like to participate in clubs and social gatherings..69.49
24 Even though I’m tired, I get energy if I meet people..69.48
9 I enjoy hanging out with people rather than being alone..69.48
Factor 3. sensitive to negative evaluations (2 items, α=.82)
10 I stay until the end of the meeting because I’m worried that people will talk bad about me..81.72
11 If I have to leave early at a gathering with friends, I’m afraid they will talk behind my back..81.72
Factor 4. awareness for others (3 items, α=.81)
44 I’m worried about asserting my opinion at a meeting..69.55
41 I feel better when adjust my thinking or behavior to other people than be my self..67.47
55 I force myself to meet the needs of others because I think people will dislike me if I don’t..56.45
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