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Table. 1.

Table. 1.

Correlations between frequency domain variables of heart rate variability and mean change in outcome variables from the baseline in experimental group


rp valuerp valuerp valuerp valuerp value
Low frequency−0.220.32−0.49*0.02−0.400.45−0.390.41−0.080.74
High frequency−0.040.86−0.390.070.01−0.980.010.960.160.46
LF norm−0.160.48−0.060.78−0.410.06−0.380.08−0.300.18
HF norm0.160.480.060.780.410.060.380.080.300.18

PHQ-15: Patient health questionnaire-physical symptoms, ISI: Insomnia severity index, SRI: Stress response inventory, VAS-HS: Visual analogue scale for Hwa-byung symptoms, STAXI-S: State trait anger expression inventory-state anger.

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